Kerry Franksen
Kerry Franksen is interested in performance and digital practices, the moving body on screen, innovative choreographic practices, philosophy, embodiment and collaborative devising. She is the director at LAB (Leicester Arts Base)
Sophy Smith
Dr Sophy Smith focuses on inter/multi/transdisciplinary collaboration, primarily, but not restricted to professional arts practice. She works extensively as a composer and performer on professional collaborative arts projects both nationally and internationally.
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Kerryn Wise
Kerryn Wise is a movement-based artist, researcher and performer, making work across dance, physical theatre, contemporary performance and digital technologies. Her practice explores the relationship between the live and the digital body, audience/spectator relationship, and how virtual environments can affect audience perception.
Craig Vear
Craig Vear has established himself as an internationally recognised composer of experimental music with technology, and recently as a scholar of digital performance and music. He is interested in intermedia composition, digital opera, sound theatre, experimental composition, interdisciplinary music, and A.I. embedded in software generating scores.
Tracy Harwood
Professor Tracy Harwood's research is transdisciplinary, working across computer science, arts, design, health and marketing subjects. Current projects relate to the application of emerging technologies to business and consumer contexts, including AI, Internet of Things, VR and AR.
David Hughes
David Hughes is a practitioner and researcher working as a Technical instructor for performing arts and events at De Montfort University
Rosie Garton
Rosie Garton is a performance maker, director, writer and dramaturg interested in integrative digital technologies in performance, virtual relationships on stage, autobiography in performance, audience interactivity, and interdisciplinary practices. She is co-Artistic Director of Anglo-German performance company Zoo Indigo, who make nationally and internationally touring multi-media performance work.
James Cull
James Cull is a practitioner and researcher working in the areas of mixed reality performance, A.I, digital game design, exploring the use of game A.I. in performance, and analysing participant experience. He is interested in the digital space as a shared performance space for both human and A.I. controlled performers/participants, with a particular focus on posthuman experiences.
Alice Tuppen-Corps
Alice Tuppen-Corps' artistic practice explores notions of intimacy, identity and communication. Interactive technologies connect video, performance and sculptural artworks in specific locations, navigating through mediated, actual and imagined landscapes. The work assumes a dialogical space, positioning the audience, artist and artworks as both participants and observers, poised somewhere between immersion and more self-conscious, knowing states.
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