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Post-Screen Cultures/Practices

Lazer Unicorns Sophy and Maria are both at the Post-Screen Cultures/Practices Symposium at London South Bank University today - Maria is chairing the Networked Screen Media panel and Sophy is delivering a paper relating to a practice-based research project, "Pervasive Theatre: Post Screen Audiences and Professional Performance Practice"

This is a one-day practice/research symposium hosted by the School of Arts and Creative Industriesat London South Bank University, with support from the Journal of Media Practice and the Media, Communications and Cultural Studies Association (MeCCSA) Practice Network.

With the proliferation of mobile devices the presence of the screen in every day life is ever more pervasive, personal and immersive. In the last five years, for example, the tablet has become the must-have device, with over half of UK households (54%) now owning one (Ofcom, 2015). Raised as 'screenagers', one in ten (11%) 3-4 year olds now have their own tablet as a pacifier, educational aid and entertainer (Ofcom, 2015). Our urban spaces offer up new forms of interaction as the numbers of screens multiply. Via the screen we navigate an evolving media and cultural landscape that is increasingly interactive, intuitive and always on.

The symposium focuses on practice research and features papers, presentations of practice, screenings and demonstrations. A special issue of the Journal of Media Practice will be devoted to publishing a selection of practice research presented at the symposium. All work accepted for the symposium will be considered for the JMP edition.

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