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Storytelling in Immersive Digital Environments - Ideas and Opportunities for Future Practice

Image from NSC Creative who will be participating at SIVE.

Next Friday 27th Jan, DAPPER (Digital Arts Performance Practice - Emerging Research) and the Institute Of Creative Technologies, Leicester Media School at DeMontfort University, is running a one-day development event, focusing on the roles and practices, challenges and opportunities of storytelling within Immersive Virtual Environments.

To date, much research and development in the area of IVEs has been concerned with technological developments – this event moves this forward, to share and develop practice and challenges relating storytelling and the participant experience – how does narrative ‘work’ in immersive and interactive virtual environments and how do audiences engage with and experience that narrative and the over-arching idea of storytelling within the digital domain? What can we learn from how people in other sectors are making work for IVEs?

This is a cross-sector event, bringing together key practitioners and organisations engaging with storytelling in immersive virtual environments from entertainment, corporate and creative sectors. The day has been developed by DAPPER in partnership with ZU-UK (, an award winning theatre and digital arts company. They are specialists in immersive experiences, and the development of meaningful interactive/participatory experiences.

ZU-UKs 2014 event The Economies of Experience, London

The event is supported by Phoenix Square, Leicester - many thanks for any their help in making this an exceptional day.

SIVE is a closed event following an internationally competitive application procedure - the schedule of the day is being kept secret to guarantee the best possible creative experience for participants - but come back next week to find out what happened...

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