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‘Darling, darling you’re fantastic’ - Continued R&D for Kerry Francksen and Mark Coniglio at Lak

Kerry and Mark were delighted to return to the Lakes for the 3rd time this January. Since their initial residency back in April 2015, the pair have continued to explore their interests in text, movement, and media. In January 2016, they created their first work ‘Darling, Darling… you’re fantastic’, which presents an assemblage of movement ideas, text improvisations, and temporal structures that can be both touching, funny and intimate. You can see the trailer here;

They performed an initial 30-minute fledgling version of the work at DMU’s International Cultural Exchanges festival (UK) in February 2016.

‘Darling, Darling… you’re fantastic’ Photo: Sean Goldthorpe

This January the pair returned to the Lakes (, which they consider to be the heartland of their creative impulses and ideas, in order to continue developing the piece towards a full-length work.

Significantly, rehearsals resumed amidst a tumultuous socio-political climate, where the rise of Donald Trump in the US presidential elections and the continuing debates surrounding the UK’s exit from the European Union proved highly significant for their continued research into truths, fragility, relationships and what it means to be human in a technologically mediated world.

Connection rather than disconnection

One of the key themes Kerry and Mark have been researching is how to reveal the tension between human connection and disconnection. In a time where it seems that our differences are used to divide us rather than unite us, it seems even more pressing to appreciate the tenderness of human contact and to search for ways to connect rather than disconnect. Since their very first residency, notions of intimacy and delicacy have continued to provide them with rich grounds for experimenting with movement and text.

‘Darling, Darling… you’re fantastic’ Photo: Sean Goldthorpe

In this residency, Kerry and Mark resumed their pursuit of a radically honest and compelling view of humanity. The pair will be continuing to work on ‘Darling, Darling… you’re fantastic’ in the UK this summer, with a view to premiering a full-length hour show later this Autumn.

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