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DAPPER co-director Sophy Smith is currently creating the soundtrack for Motionhouse Dance Theatre's new international touring show, in collaboration with composer Tim Dickinson. Premiering in October 2017, Charge, the exhilarating new multi-media show is about energy. From the electrical charge that sparks human life, to the beating of our hearts and the memories we make, six performers use dance and acrobatics to delve deep into the human body, tracing the incredible story of energy in our lives. Digital projections create a world on stage where dancers and images interact seamlessly, bringing to life stories of energy in our own bodies and humans as energy manipulators. In an exciting fusion of art and science, Motionhouse has worked with partners from the University of Oxford on the role of electricity in the human body to inspire the show. Charge is the third element of Motionhouse’s ‘Earth Trilogy’, developing on themes explored in Scattered (2009) and Broken (2013) about our relationship with water and the Earth. Charge will tour extensively in the UK from October 2017, with all dates on the first leg of the tour already booked.

You can hear Sophy and Tim talk about making the work here...

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