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Star*cker Research and Development - social media and creative performance practice

DAPPER co-director Sophy has spent this week at Battersea Arts Centre with live performance company Assault Events undertaking R&D for the new show Starf*cker, produced in partnership with writer Shannon Sickles. Working with Director Stevie Prickett, Creative Technologist Matt Woodham and Social Media Specialist Ciaran Bagnall.

By bringing together this interdisciplinary team, Sophy and Shannon hope to explore the different roles social media can play within professional performance practice - What happens when social media is part of the collaborative team? How can social media tools drive the shape and structure of professional performance? How can embedding social media into the creative process support audience engagement and development?

Matt Woodham is an artist/designer/creative technologist with a background in psychology & neuroscience. Through his research, and fascination for knowledge gained from human experience and empirical evidence – he strives to uncover the systems and patterns underpinning our physical & natural worlds. His research often addresses the common dynamics between different systems, such as the transfer of signal, waves, energy and information. With a focus on the aesthetic qualities of both digital and analogue mediums, he designs and builds experiences, products, installations and audio-visual content. He aims to adjust perceptions and communicate ideas, exploring solutions to complex social problems. He believes that the interdisciplinary space between art, science and technology can provide the possibilities for inducing both wonderment and socio-cultural advancement. Using science as the ground, technology as the tool and art as the expression. Matt is Creator of Multimodal, an experimental audio-visual event series exploring concepts of perception, multi sensory integration, complexity theory and system dynamics. Recent member of Near Now studio, working on Unible, a platform addressing the future challenges of work; through the realisation of projects, and the discovery of meaningful collaborations. Also currently a member of One Thoresby Streetwhere his personal sound/visual studio and shared workshop is based.

Ciaran Bagnall is a marketing practitioner with a broad range of experience working across digital, e-marketing and social media marketing for a variety of sectors. Ciaran specialises in campaign development and deployment, website project management, social media marketing, e-Marketing and print & digital advertising.

Matt, Ciaran, Shannon and Stevie talk about the possibilities and implications of live video within performance

Exploring Instagram...

Shannon discusses the social media and characterisation

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