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Paradigm Shifts: Virtual Reality and Performance Futures

We are delighted to announce that DAPPER has received funding to undertake a collaborative Research and Development project, bringing together researchers from DeMontfort University and external organisations to explore the potential of Virtual Reality environments for Professional Performance Practice.

Paradigm Shifts: Virtual Reality and Performance Futures, draws on knowledge capabilities across the university relating to Virtual Reality and Digital Performance Practice. Emerging immersive technologies such as AR, Mixed Reality and VR will have a profound impact on the creative industries, with a wider social and economic impact relating to income generation and audience engagement. The full potential of these emerging technologies can only be fully realised through cross-sector practice partnerships between researchers, technology companies and cultural organisations. Many businesses/organisations are keen to develop their work in this area but do not necessarily have a space within their organisations for the necessary risky innovation and experimental play that will lead to innovation in this area. This project will create this space through the development of a Professional Practice initiative to develop work that will impact the future direction of performance practice, provoking 3 small-scale practice-based collaborations between DMU researchers and external organisations to support/develop innovative practice across VR and performance practice.

The project will run from Jan-July 2018, the first Paradigm Shift event planned for February 2018 - watch this space for further details.

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