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DAPPER member's success at QuestLab

Congratulations to Dapper Member Kerryn Wise, who has been one of only 8 dance artists selected to take part in the QuestLab project with world-renowned choreographer Wayne McGregor.

Funded by Arts Council England’s Ambition for Excellence programme, the project focuses on intersections between dance and technology, bringing together artists with Studio Wayne McGregor’s unique network of world-class researchers, developers, technologists and commercial organisations.

Kerryn will participate in a two-week residency at Studio Wayne McGregor, which will bring together participating dance artists with individuals and companies involved in digital practice and scientific research. The residency will provide practical explorations of technology, working sessions on Intellectual Property and new revenue streams, applications of technology and arts in health and wellbeing, and experiments in technology innovations. During this two-week intensive residency, and at additional network events through the year, Kerryn will gain insight, build partnerships and networks, and germinate ideas for practical projects that she is interested in pursuing. Kerryn will be directly mentored by Wayne McGregor throughout the programme and following the residency, will have the opportunity to pitch an idea to develop into a creative output, which will be supported to development.

Massive congratulations Kerryn - a reflection of your excellent work!

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