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The 5th and 6th October saw DAPPer member Kerryn Wise perform her unique and immersive dance experience 'Dis-place', featuring dancers Paloma Styles, Seraina Dejaco, and Kim Bormann, as well as performer and guide Tina Carter. The performance combined 360 video, volumetric graphics, immersive audio, and live dance, to explore the history and the decaying beauty of one of Nottingham's hidden heritage buildings; The Peoples Hall. Described as 'Hauntingly beautiful', the piece has been developed using the creative software tool DepthKit, and gave audience members a one to one experience, as they are guided by dancers and artists through the rich past of the unique space. Kerryn's work was also made in collaboration with creative technologist Ben Neal, sound designer Daniel Frazer, costume designer Nadia Malik, and lighting designer David Wilson-Clarke.

The project also included a fully accessible film version of the piece, enabling drop-ins that did not require booking, given the limited availability of tickets, which provided a less immersive, but still entirely engaging experience.

This free performance was an overwhelming success, selling out entirely, and was supported by Dance4, De Montfort University, Studio Wayne McGregor, Arts Council England and Broadway's Near Now.

Congratulations Kerryn on this Beautiful work!

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