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Marshmallow Laser Feast

Over the summer, company director Barney Steel, of 'Marshmallow Laser Feast' delivered a workshop/ talk surrounding his knowledge and experience in digital practices and immersive mediums. The company focus on mixed reality projects, blurring the line between the virtual and the real, exploring emerging technologies and embedding them into live and immersive environments.

Here are just a few responses from participants of the workshop:

'Fantastic way to navigate the landscape of a creative area I want to know more about. Really interesting to see the creative and artistic learning alongside the industry context.'

'A great event to help inspire the idea of research and innovation through visual technologies and artistry. The highest level of creative thinking.'

'What was interesting is the processes Barney works with, how his concept is realised and materialised, the ideology of working with technology for research practice. As an artist this workshop talk was interesting and enabled me to ask questions to support development of my research and creative practice.'

'Really interesting talk. Brilliant to be exposed to a company creating and innovating at the forefront of their field. Really inspiring.'

'A mind-blowing deep dive into the inner workings of one of the pioneering companies in our field. So invaluable to see their process, their workflow and hear first hand their learning's. Fantastic session, thank you Sophy and Dapper!'

'Brilliant. A real eye-opener into what professional creative work on both commercially and personally.'

Thank you Barney for such an insightful and enjoyable session.

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