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Leicester XR: Virtual and Augmented Reality

On Saturday 19th October, Phoenix gave members of DAPPer the opportunity to showcase their newest VR and AR work at the Leicester XR: Virtual and Augmented Reality Expo. The event was organised in partnership with Interact Digital arts, as part of Design Season 2, as a way to celebrate the work of digital artists across Leicester. As well as DMU, exhibitors included Metro Bolout Dodo, CATS are not PEAS, NSC Creative, Ben Fredericks, and Leicester University.

DAPPer member Sophy Smith presented 'Shadow Play', a 3 minute, 360 solo dance film. The piece is a collaboration between live performance company Assault Events, the immersive storytelling studio Cats Are Not Peas and The Institute of Creative Technologies, DMU in collaboration with award-winning composer Tim Dickinson. Produced through the IOCT's RiskyPlay initiative, the piece investigates how choreography, immersive sound and 360 filmmaking can inform each other to develop new work for emergent immersive environments. It was also a chance to examine how audiences engage with performance experienced through immersive technologies, looking at the potential to bring VR and AR to broader audiences. 'Shadow Play' was shown as a work in progress, and it was brilliant to gain so much valuable feedback from a variety of perspectives, which will allow for future development.

The day was a huge success, and we would like to thank everyone who came along to experience the projects.

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