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Storytelling in Immersive Virtual Environments-Ideas and Opportunities for Future Practice

On 27th Jan 2016, Dapper and the IOCT invited practitioners, developers, technologists, researchers, businesses and organisations making work for Immersive Virtual Environments to attend a development event, which focused on the roles and practices, challenges and opportunities of storytelling within immersive virtual environments.


This event, held at Phoenix Digital Media Centre, aimed to share and develop practice and challenges relating storytelling and the participant experience, answering questions such as; how does the narrative ‘work’ in immersive and interactive virtual environments and how do audiences engage with and experience that narrative and the over-arching idea of storytelling within the digital domain? What can we learn from how people in other sectors are making work for IVEs?

This cross-sector event was delivered by ZU-UK (, an award winning theatre and digital arts company, who specialise in immersive experiences, and the development of meaningful interactive/participatory experiences.

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